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Travel goals for my thirties

This week I turned the big 3-0! If there is ever a time you think about your goals in life it is around milestone birthdays like this. Today’s blog will be all about places I want to travel this decade.

Photo courtesy of @Johanneswre on Unsplashed

While it would be very easy to list off a million places on my bucket list that I want to go to, it is not as easy to win the lotto or get unlimited time off work, so there has to be a bit of a plan and realistic consideration to what I might actually be able to achieve in the next decade.

I also believe that you need to have flexibility in life, so these goals just represent what I think I would really like to do right now but who knows how time will change. I think it will be very interesting to come back and see what I was able to achieve, or places I change my mind on.



This will hopefully be our next big trip and will be what I use the last bit of my long service leave on next year. We are planning to go to London, then see some of Scotland before heading over to Iceland, flying across to Helsinki, making our way through Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen before heading home.


I would really love to get to Japan I think it would be such a fun experience, especially as a lot of my travel has been to very western cultures. I hope to spend 2-3 weeks in Japan in the next few years.


While I technically have been to Singapore it was only the airport so it doesn’t really count. In the past year I have known two people to go to Singapore and enjoy it, and the movie Crazy Rich Asians really sold it as an amazing destination. I would love to go here even for short trip or stop over.

New Zealand

I’m super keen to get to New Zealand, although somehow with it being so close to home I keep putting it off and thinking of other destinations to go instead. I would really love to hire a camper van and drive around the south island in particular.

Pacific Northwest USA

After we finished our USA road-trip we straight away said that we need to go back and drive the rest of the west-coast. I also want to spend more time in San Francisco, and get to San Diego. I do think that since we have already spent a lot of time in the US we should explore some other countries first so this will probably be something to do in 5+ years time but you never know!



I visited Melbourne 4 times in my early 20s and it is one of my favourite cities. When I first started drafting this blog I was going to say that I hoped to get back here at some point, but now we have actually booked flights and will be going back in November for a few days which I am really excited about!

One new capital city

I would like to eventually visit every capital city in Aus, so I still need to get to Darwin, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart and Canberra. There is a small possibility I get to travel to other states for work, or often we will travel to see a concert or show that doesn’t come to Perth so I will need to jump at opportunities when they arise, or I will consider planning a long weekend trip.


Even though this is still within my own state it is a 7 hour drive so something that takes a bit of planning. My mother’s side of the family is from Kalgoorlie and I have recently done a lot of family history research so I would really love to go for a long weekend just to see it for myself.


I think many people forget they can be tourists in their own city! Also with Perth being so far away from everything it normally means I have more time in between planning longer and more expensive trips. I would like to try and explore more of my own town even for short day trips. I hope to go into more detail about all the things to do in Perth, but some places I would like to go include:

  • Penguin Island (I last went over 5 years ago!)
  • Yanchep National Park
  • The Pinnacles
  • Zig Zag Road in Kalamunda
  • A picnic in Araluen Botanic Garden
  • Gnomesville

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  1. Funnily enough, I think I preferred Singapore to Hong Kong! They are totally different though. HK is a lot busier, Singapore is very sleek.

    Japan is on my list for my 30s too! Planning to make it there next year. 🙂 Love Brisbane, by the way. I lived there for a few months and it’s a really underrated city!

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  2. Some fantastic places here, some I need to visit myself. Singapore in particular I want to get back to as like you, I’ve only been in the airport which doesn’t count haha. Hope you can make a few of these happen in your 30’s 🙂

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