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Lunch at: Momofuku Las Vegas

Momofuku in Las Vegas is a restaurant established by the sometimes controversial chef David Chang. We were first introduced to David through his Netflix series Ugly Delicious (Season 2 has just been announced!) and have since enjoyed his podcast as well as his recipe book. He is a pretty interesting guy so I highly recommend checking out his work especially if you want behind the scenes gossip about the restaurant industry.

Momofuku is located within The Cosmopolitan complex, on level 2. We did make reservations as we wanted to be sure we would get a chance to eat there, but when we arrived the place didn’t seem too full. I think you could easily walk up for lunch but it would probably be a lot busier for dinner. You should also note that the lunch and dinner menus are quite different, and this influenced our choice to go at lunch time.

Our starters were a sesame tofu bun and a pork belly bun, both served with with hoisin sauce, scallions and cucumber. They were deliciously light and flavoursome.

Sesame Tofu Bun
Pork Belly

Our mains were a Bo Ssäm Rice Bowl (with glazed pork shoulder, kimchi rice and pickles) and Ginger Scallion Noodles (with pickled shiitake, cucumber and wakame). Yes I had to google what wakame is.. it is a type of seaweed! The ginger noodles are actually served cold and were so tasty they were one of my favourite meals the whole trip.

Bo Ssäm Rice Bowl
Ginger Scallion Noodles

Since we weren’t sure if we would get a chance to eat there again we also had to try the crispy potatoes. They were served in a honey mustard sauce with crunchy garlic and almonds – yum! I was also surprised by the fact there was a mixture of white and purple potatoes. I don’t think I had ever eaten a fully purple potato in my life so that was something interesting to experience too.

Crispy Potatoes

To give you an idea of pricing, the buns were $7 each, the bowls were $15 and $17 respectively, and the potatoes were $10 (all in USD). I thought this was really reasonable considering the quality of every dish.

Now of course after all this food for lunch we were wayyy too full to get dessert next door at the equally famous Milk Bar. We ended up going back the next day to try what was on offer. If this is going to be your only chance to go though, I highly recommend finding some extra room in your dessert stomach.

Milk Bar is the creation of chef Christina Tosi, who originally worked at Momofuku and then branched out to create desserts in nearby locations.

I tried the infamous crack pie and OH BOY was it delicious! It is like a caramel slice with a scrumptious oaty crust. You really only need a small piece as it is so rich, but at the same time you want to keep eating it.

The pie is served to you cold, and needs to be kept refrigerated so just something to note if you plan on buying one to take back home.

Writing this post is making me want to go back and eat all these goodies! It should definitely be at the top of your Vegas to-do list.

Have you been to a Momofuku or Milk Bar?

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