Washington D.C. – Part 3

Our final day in Washington was spent at the two big Smithsonian Museums.

We had breakfast first at our hotel and then walked down to The Smithsonian National Museum of American History. I thought this museum was the best one I had seen in ages and it had so many different displays. The most amazing thing was the Star Spangled Banner and the story behind it. There were also displays of American food history and the Muppets.

We got lunch at the food court here, which was just a generic sandwich. When we left we realised there were food trucks lined up down the street selling much cheaper food. If you are on a tight budget then definitely find something to eat outside of the museums.

We headed over to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. While this was still impressive I didn’t find it as amazing compared to the American History one. It was still a very informative museum with lots of impressive displays.

After our big day out at the museums we went for dinner in Chinatown and then saw Mission Impossible at the Regal Gallery.

After the movie we went to see the Fridenship Archway lit up. It is a very cool part of town.

In the morning it was time to pack up and leave D.C. We grabbed a quick breakfast at Pret A Manager and were on our way. It was a Monday morning so there was peak hour traffic again, but it wasn’t too hard to get out of the city.

I found Washington D.C. to be very grand and the statues, monuments and museums are very impressive. I would recommend coming at least to see the National Mall, and the Museum of American History, and then spending longer if you can to see all the smaller museums.

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