A 44 day UK and Nordic Itinerary

Our original travel plans for this year involved a two month trip around the UK, Iceland and Scandinavian countries. We ended up having to cancel about a month before we were going to leave due to the current situation and travel bans in place for Australians. We had spent a good chunk of time pulling together our itinerary, which we still hope to do at some point but for now its hard to work out when that might be possible.

Photo by Dan Magatti on Unsplash

For the meantime I thought I could share the overview of our itinerary to serve as inspiration for future travels, or for feedback on anything we shouldn’t miss when we finally get there!

Day 1 – Arrive in London and explore near Tower of London
Day 2 – London (Westminster Abbey, Oxford Street and Sky Garden)
Day 3 – London (Regent’s Park and a football game)
Day 4 – London (Camden and Kensington)
Day 5 – Train from London (Kings Cross Station) to Edinburgh
Day 6 – Edinburgh
Day 7 – Edinburgh
Day 8 – Drive from Edinburgh to Inverness (through Perth of course)
Day 9 – Drive from Inverness to Portree, via Loch Ness, Invermoriston Falls and Eileen Donan Castle
Day 10 – Exploring Uig and Portree
Day 11 – Drive from Portree to Fort William
Day 12 – Drive from Fort William to Glasgow
Day 14 – Glasgow
Day 14 – Fly from Glasgow to Iceland, hire a car from Keflavik Airport and drive into Reykjavik for the evening
Day 15 – Drive from Reykjavik to Fludir, stopping at parts of the Golden Circle including Selfoss, Geysir, Gulfoss
Day 16 – Drive from Fludir to Vik,
Day 17 – Drive from Vik to Hofn
Day 18 – Drive from Hofn to Egilsstaðir
Day 19 – Drive from Egilsstaðir to Akureyri
Day 20 – Akureyri
Day 21 – Drive from Akureyri to Reykjavik
Day 22 – Reykjavik
Day 23 – Spend the morning in Reykjavik, then return the car to the airport (stopping at Viking World) and stay at the airport overnight for an early morning flight
Day 24 – Fly from Iceland to Copenhagen, Denmark
Day 25 -Copenhagen
Day 26 – Copenhagen (including a day trip to Malmo, Sweden)
Day 27 – Copenhagen
Day 28 – Train from Copenhagen to Gothenburg, Sweden
Day 29 – Gothenburg
Day 30 – Train from Gothenburg to Oslo, Norway
Day 31 – Train from Oslo to Bergen
Day 32 – Bergen
Day 33 – Train from Bergen back to Oslo
Day 34 – Oslo
Day 35 – Train from Oslo to Stockholm, Sweden
Day 36 – Stockholm
Day 37 – Stockholm
Day 38 – Stockholm
Day 39 – Spend the day in Stockholm and then board the overnight Baltic Sea Ferry to Helsinki, Finland
Day 40 – Arrive in Helsinki in the morning
Day 41 – Helsinki
Day 42 – Fly from Helsinki to London and stay near Watford
Day 43 – Spend the morning at the Harry Potter Studios and then the evening at the Milton Keynes My Chemical Romance Concert (still devastated to miss this!!)
Day 44 – Flight home

Have you visited anywhere in the north?

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  1. This looks a wonderful itinerary so sorry you’ve had to cancel. Have always wanted to see Iceland and explore more of Scandinavia (have only been to Copenhagen and that was a long time ago). We’d planned to be in Europe this September/October too (Berlin, Dresden, Prague and Poznan in Poland) plus I should have visited my UK family in March. Our younger daughter was due to move from London to Berlin in September but for now she’s back with us in Perth. Overseas travel is not looking likely for a long time but good to have some travel inspiration in the meantime!

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