Beedelup Falls

On the drive home from our recent trip to Albany we took a detour to visit the Beedelup Falls. The falls are located about 20 minutes outside of Pemberton in the South-West of Western Australia.

The Beedelup Falls are actually part of the Greater Beedelup National Park which contains a number of walking trails including the Bibbulmun Track. The trail to get to the Falls is quite short making it a great place to stop during a road trip.

We were really lucky with timing and were the only people at the falls when we visited, however as we were leaving about five cars arrived so it may be luck of the draw as to how busy the area is.

The walking trail around the falls is a loop, with a small portion to the lookout being wheelchair friendly. If you are following the entire loop I recommend going in a clockwise direction as there are some very steep stairs down and then it is not so bad coming back up the other side.

The suspension bridge takes you over the falls themselves, which seems pretty safe to be honest but still gave me the heebie jeebies while crossing!

There are spectacular views from all angles of the trail, including the platform at the top which forms part of the wheelchair accessible portion. We were visiting in winter, so the falls were flowing fast and strong.

Overall the loop plus stopping to take photos takes about 30 minutes.

There are toilets available near the carpark, however they are composting toilets with only one small sink to wash your hands (and no soap while we were there) so maybe make sure to go before you reach the falls!

There is a fee for entry to the National Park which the Beedeleup Falls are part of, however there is no entry station actually at the falls. For more information, including securing your parks pass before you arrive, visit

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