Mammoth Cave National Park

On our drive from Louisville to Nashville we stopped part way at the Mammoth Cave National Park

The World Heritage Site consists of walking trails, woodland, accommodation and underneath are the Mammoth Caves which is the longest cave system in the world.

Entry to the caves requires booking tickets in advance as they sell out quickly. We didn’t book tickets and so we couldn’t go down to see the caves but we could enjoy some of the walking trails.

The cabins reminded me a lot of Rottnest Island back in Western Australia.

It was a very warm and humid day which was nice to start off with as we headed down the walk trail. After about 20 minutes the humidity was overwhelming! We decided to turn back and head back to the picnic area and enjoy the scenery.

The park offered a great rest stop on the drive. I would recommend planning ahead a bit better than we did and book a cave tour to get even more out of your visit. Once we left the park we were on our way to Nashville.

We arrived in time to wander around The Gulch, and get dinner at a very English style restaurant called The Pub. They offer the ‘best fish and chips in town’ which I ordered for dinner and I must say it was an excellent meal.

Our evening was topped off with an amazing pink sunset.

Have you ever been on a cave tour?

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