Packing Lists

Four reasons to pack light

It can be hard at times to know exactly what you should pack for a trip. When you go through your wardrobe and bathroom it seems like you might need everything. I am definitely someone who packs things ‘just in case’ and ends up never using them. However there can be a lot of benefits to packing light including…

Having an excuse to buy souveniers
I’m a big fan of gift shops but there are only so many keyrings or magnets that one person needs. If you have packed light then buying a t-shirt, jumper or hat from a gift store turns into a more practical and useful item for the rest of your trip and you won’t feel so guilty jamming more clothes into your suitcase. It is also helpful to remember if the weather is drastically different than what you planned for you can always buy a sweater/bathing suit if needed. A cold front came through during our day in Pittsburgh so I brought myself a Pirates jumper. Even if I had of packed a jumper on that trip it wouldn’t have been with me at the time!

Trying new things
If you do realise you need something that you didn’t pack you might have to buy it from a store you have never been to before. You may end up stumbling across a brand of moisturiser that you love or having to buy a colourful tie that isn’t your usual style. Part of the fun of travel is experiencing new things even if it is a simple grocery store or pharmacy.

Saving time
Every item you pack is something you have to re-pack, carry around and sort. By packing less items there are less things for you to have to physically handle. By taking less make up, hair-styling products and outfits means you can’t spent an hour each morning getting ready, giving you more time to go out and enjoy your destination.

Having less to lose
Touch wood you never have your luggage stolen, but the fact of the matter is the more you pack the more there is in your suitcase that could go missing. It may not always be that something is taken from you, it is very easy to leave things behind in a hotel room (like the time I left my travel adapter plugged into the wall in Wichita!). If you only pack a small number of items it is less likely to go walkabout.

Are you someone that likes to pack light?

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