Things to do in Geraldton

Geraldton was our first overnight stop on our trip up the Coral Coast. It is around 4 to 5 hours north of Perth, making it a reasonable place to stop before carrying on further north, and is one of the major towns in the area making it a good place to stock up on groceries, petrol and other necessities. There is plenty to see and do whether you are staying overnight or for a few days.

  • Visit the Point Moore Lighthouse
  • Stroll along Town Beach
  • Get a pub feed at the Freemason’s Hotel
  • Find a rubix cube toilet
  • Have coffee at the Dome right on the water
  • Get Breakfast at Salt Dish
  • Get coffee and a jaffle from the Jaffle Shack
  • Check out all of the street art around town
  • Learn about the town’s history at the Museum of Geraldton
  • Walk down Marine Terrace
  • Visit the HMAS Sydney II Memorial
  • Have a rock lobster at Skeetas

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