Visiting Shark Bay

Our second stop on our Coral Bay road trip was the small town of Denham which gives you a great base for exploring the rest of the Shark Bay region. Below are some of the things you can see and do in this UNESCO World Heritage area.

  • See the ocean from your accommodation if you’re lucky
  • Take a tour of the shark enclosure and have lunch at the Ocean Park Aquarium
  • Visit shell beach
  • Walk around the Little Lagoon
  • Watch the dolphin feeding at Monkey Mia
  • See the stromatalites at Hamelin Bay
  • Have dinner at the Old Pearler
  • Learn about the pearling history of Denham
  • Keep an eye out for emus
  • Order the most delicious pizza from Western Woodfired Pizzas
  • Watch the westernmost sunset in WA from a lookout
  • Take a morning stroll along the jetty
  • Get a custard tart from the bakery
  • Find some street art

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