A warm and muggy day in Tallahassee, Florida

To start our full day in Tallahassee we went to IHOP for breakfast as it is a guilty pleasure of ours which we hadn’t had very often yet on this trip. Then we got drive-through Starbucks and went to the Alfred B. Maclay Gardens which were super pretty. We found a butterfly chilling on our hire car Cam when we got back! – see more photos from our visit to the Gardens on my post here.

Then we went to the Tallahassee Museum which is really more like a little wildlife exhibit all outdoors. We saw lots of native animals but no gators. We did see two squirrels raiding a families picnic basket while they were on the zip line. One squirrel had a whole peach in it’s mouth!

We finished there by 1:30pm so we had a late lunch at Voodoo Hotdog which was super yummy. We were melting in the Florida heat so we relaxed under the aircon at the hotel for the hottest part of the afternoon. We then went to dinner at Madison Social where we had delicious roasted carrot hummus and a turkey sandwich, before heading over to Township. We ordered an ice cream sandwich for dessert but the bartender said unfortunately they were sold out. 10 mins later he came out to say they had found the ice cream so they were bringing it out on the house.. the only thing better than ice cream is free ice-cream!

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