Stuck in traffic on the I-10

After finishing our stay in New Orleans we headed to Houston, Texas. We knew this was going to be a long drive of about 7 hours but just our luck there was a truck roll over and hazmat spill that shut down a huge stretch of the I-10. It ended up taking an extra 2 hours to detour around making it the longest drive of the entire trip.

In addition to the road closure we had to drive through some pretty intense rain, and on the way into Houston there were roadworks that made the road very narrow. It was already a bit nerve wracking driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road in another country but add roadworks is extra scary! On the positive side, we were prepared for a long day of driving and had no need to arrive in Houston by a certain time which took the pressure off, and we got to see some parts of Louisiana we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Thankfully we made it to Houston in one piece and with some daylight to spare, so after checking in to the Hampton Inn we explored the beautiful Discovery Green and had dinner in the lobby of a nearby hotel.

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