My first NFL game

After a long day at the Space Center Houston we went to see the Houston Texans play the 49ers at NRG stadium. I had never seen a full game before as it isn’t shown on Australian TV so I wasn’t quite sure what I was in for. The vibe before the game was amazing with the tailgaters set up and lots of pre-show entertainment.

We had booked very cheap seats in the nosebleeds, which was still a pretty great view but when we walked down to find some food a couple asked if we wanted their tickets. It sounded like a scam but they assured us their parent’s couldn’t make the game and they wanted to give away their good seats to someone else so we took them and wow! they definitely were great seats right behind the touchdown line.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere in the stadium and to top it off the Texans won so the crowd was really wild. I’d definitely recommend catching a game if you can, even if you have no idea what is happening its a great time.

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  1. I loved Houston when we were there. We did not go to a football game though, not a game I enjoy but it did look like a fun time and just being there in that spot and all the people would have been pretty awesome.

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