Helsinki Holiday Ideas

I am currently planning my Scandinavian adventure for next year, and as usual I am scouring the internet for your suggestions and ideas on what to do. Today I have gathered some great blog posts that give an overview of the best things to see and do in Helsinki, Finland.

Photo credit @Tap5a on Unsplash

A weekend in Helsinki by Thevegscandi

This blog recommends staying for 4 days which is good to know, as I think we have time for three full days so that seems like a reasonable length of time. They suggest the nicest areas to stay are Eira, Ullanlinna, Kamppi and Punavuori so I will have to keep them in mind when booking accommodation.

Helsinki (Finland) by Sun and Three Stars

They explain that there is not really one major monument to see, but plenty of points of interest including the Helsinki Cathedral that looks very impressive in pictures! It is also noted that the public transport is great and the main city is walkable, although it is very expensive.

The best chocolate spots in downtown Helsinki by Viatrix

Getting hot chocolate in a “huge bucket cup” sounds delicious. I want to try at least one of these places.

Helsinki on a budget (with an awesome bonus tip) by Hammock Stories

This is a really detailed post about where to eat and sleep on a budget, as well as where to get into a free sauna. I will definitely be coming back to this post as I plan more of the specifics.

24 hours in Helsinki by Chasing Krista

Krista seems to agree with most posts I have read, that Helsinki is not about sights or structures but more about embracing the culture which is an interesting concept. They mention the Cathedral again and a number of other activities to do.

Helsinki, On a Budget by BePresent

They recommend getting the HSL app for buying transport tickets which is a good tip! The Winter Garden also sounds amazing and it is free. They also mention the Sibelius monument that was mentioned in a few of the previous posts so I think I will add that to my list.

A long weekend in Helsinki by This FP Planet

Another very detailed post I will need to come back to. I must say I wasn’t really interested in visiting a sauna but this post really sells it for me as a nice way to relax.

A few other websites I have come across which might help you plan your Helsinki trip –

What are your must-do tips for Helsinki?

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  1. I went in May, really enjoyed staying in the Kallio district. The cathedral is stunning, as is the Uspenski cathedral by the water. There’s an amusement park close to the centre, likewise there’s a few islands and things worth visiting. Look in to Suomenlinna!

    I loved the city, my grandmother was Finnish though so I’m a little biased. I’ve been desperate to visit for a long long time. Hope you enjoy your trip. Three or four days should be plenty and if you think you could do with a daytrip you could hop on the ferry to Tallinn πŸ™‚

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  2. Great resources! I was planning on going to Helsinki and Lapland in 2020, but I’ll be sure to use this for when the trip is rescheduled for next year πŸ™‚

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