A-Z of Western Australia

Western Australia is the second largest state, province or region in the world. To put that into perspective it is four times larger than Texas, or 12 times larger than the whole UK. Being so big you can imagine the huge variety of landscapes and activities in this part of the world.

If you are looking for inspiration for travel destinations within WA this list provides a snapshot of some of the bustling town sites, natural landforms and 4-wheel drive or camping adventures to be enjoyed.

Follow the links for more info and to get started planning your next holiday.


Busselton & Broome

Coral Bay



Fortescue Falls


Halls Creek

Israelite Bay

Jurien Bay



Monkey Mia

Ningaloo Marine Park



Quininup Falls

Robe River

Stirling Range National Park

Turquoise Bay

Upper Murray


Wave Rock

(I actually don’t think there is anything there, but it is the only place in Australia that starts with an X!)


Zuytdorp Shipwreck

All of these attractions are a few hours outside of the Perth region. Keep an eye out for future posts on things to do in and around Perth itself.

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