Kalbarri Coastal Cliff Walk

The Kalbarri coastline has some amazing views as the cliff edge drops dramatically into the ocean some 100 metres below.

The cliffs span approximately 16km south of the Kalbarri townsite. There are multiple lookouts and carparks to choose from, either as a place to start your walk or as a stand-alone stop to enjoy the views.

We started our walk near the Natural Bridge. This carpark has plenty of space and a public toilets. There is a short walk to the Natural Bridge and Castle Cove.

We then headed north towards Island Rock. The path is partially dirt track and partially constructed boardwalk.

We started our walk early in the morning as the weather had been very warm during our stay and it was the perfect temperature for exploring, although a little windy along the coast of course!

We made it as far as the Grandstand which is about 45 minutes before turning around. The scenes along the whole way were breathtaking so the time flies by. The path has some slight inclines but nothing too drastic and no steps along this portion.

Because the scenery is so beautiful the walk back is just as fun, and there are more twists and turns in the landscape to admire from the other angle.

This is only a small portion of the entire coastline available to walk. To view a map of the coastline and the various trail options click here.

Access to the coastline and walk is completely free so definitely add it to your list next time you are stopping by.

Since my visit to Kalbarri the region was devastated by Cyclone Seroja and is in the process of recovering and rebuilding. During this time please ensure your accommodation arrangements are confirmed prior to visiting the townsite and contact the Kalbarri Visitor Centre for the latest updates.

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