Philadelphia – Part 2

We started our day with complementary breakfast at our hotel before heading out for the day. We got to Washington Square before realising that I couldn’t find my sunnies! We walked all the way back and thankfully someone had handed them into reception, I must have dropped them somewhere in the dining hall.

Washington Square
Soldiers Memorial

After this false start we headed out again to the Visitors Center where we picked up our timed passes to the Independence Hall. While we waited for our tour time we went in to see the Liberty Bell, The Old President’s House, Carpenter’s Hall and the 18th Century Gardens.

Visitors Centre
Liberty Bell
Old President’s House
18th Century Garden

It was then time for our tour of the Independence Hall which was very informative and we saw the rooms where they debated and signed the Declaration of Independence.

Independence Hall
The Old Courtroom

Once our tour finished we went to the Independence Beer Garden and had the most delicious lunch and drinks. A swarm of buzzing bees joined us for our meal which was a bit unsettling, but it was such a beautiful sunny day no wonder the bees were out and about.

Pulled pork platter

Because it was so sunny we walked down to a chemist and brought some more sunscreen to re-apply and then caught the PHLASH bus to the Rocky Steps where we climbed up and enjoyed the view from the top of the steps. We also went to City Hall which was huge and stunning, before retreating back to the cool air conditioning of the bus and did a full loop of the city.

Rocky steps
View from the top

When we finished with the bus loop we strolled back through Reading Markets again and this time got donuts from the Amish Bakery, and then got some pre-dinner drinks at the Bainbridge Street Barrel House. The bartender thought my husband was from England but then when I started talking he realised we were Aussie. Apparently I have a very strong bogan accent!

For dinner we went back to Jim’s for another philly cheesesteak and it really is the most appropriate meal to have in this city. We walked home through what is known as the ‘Gayborhood‘ which is marked with rainbow signposts.

We found Philadelphia to be an interesting mix of historic locations and funky new age living. We were sad to have to leave so soon and definitely could have spent a few more days exploring.

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