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Gift Ideas for Travellers

With Christmas coming up soon most people will be heading to the shops to look for a thoughtful gift for friends and family.

If you have someone on your list who likes to travel or who has a big trip coming up here are some ideas for gifts they might like.

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Packing cubes
I find packing cubes to be really helpful in saving space and keeping all your clothes and belongings nicely organised on the road. Kathmandu has a big range, while cheaper versions are becoming available at Target and Kmart.

Mini toiletries
It always helps to have a few miniature versions of your favourite products with you in case you can’t get to a shop or want to be able to take something in your carry on. Big W has quite a good selection of miniatures, or you can go for the option of empty miniature bottles for filling with any product.

Travel wallet
These are handy for keeping all important documents safe in one spot, and many come with anti-theft technology. Officeworks has a nice selection, as does Typo.

Travel diary
Diaries are a great way to keep memories from around the world. As I wrote about in my post earlier this year – Why I always take a journal on holiday, journaling is a great way to relax or to use time while waiting for a plane or laundry. Lonely Planet publish their own travel diary, or any pretty notebook would do.

And then for those who deserve to be spoilt..

Noise cancelling headphones
For long plane flights or noisy train rides, noise cancelling headphones can be really helpful for zoning out or getting some sleep. There are a huge range of headphones on the market these days, with JB Hifi stocking nearly 100 pairs at the moment.

Pacsafe bag
For added safety and security, Pacsafe offer a variety of bags with RFID pockets, cut resistant straps, and anti-pickpocket zips. With different styles like backpacks and handbags there is one to suit every traveller.

What are you hoping to get under the tree this year?

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