Small town Ohio – visiting an Amish community

Following our stay in Pittsburgh we were on our way to our next stop in Wilmington, Ohio. We chose Wilmington as a stop to break up the drive to Louisville and so we could spend some time in a small town outside of the big cities.

The drive required us to cross through the northern panhandle of West Virigina, which helped to technically tick off another state from our list! It was also interesting that the moment we cross the state border the roads turned bad with lots of potholes and then when we left the state they were fine again.

After about two hours we had reached Berlin, Ohio which is the center of Ohio’s largest Amish community. It is known as the ‘heart of Amish country’. As we were approaching the town there were many people on their bikes or in a horse and cart getting around town dressed in traditional Amish clothing.

Unfortunately I was too interested in looking around the town that I only took two pictures of the town!

The main street is full of stores that look like they are from an old style village. We had lunch at the ‘Plain & Simple Diner” which was just as they describe, plain and simple but delicious. Afterwards we walked up and down the main street looking in the stores. Most were full of crafted items that had been made by locals. Everything was very cheap compared to other shops we had been into so far on our trip.

We stopped in at the public toilets and they were the cleanest toilets we had ever seen in our travels. We really enjoyed our stop and I am sure there would be lots more to do if you had more time to spend here. For more information you can check out the Berlin website.

Once we left Berlin our GPS directed us to a closed highway, so we had to backtrack by 20 minutes but finally found our way to Wilmington by 5 pm.

After checking in we went to play mini-golf at Adventure Cove and then had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. It looks like this area caters for travellers as there were just lots of hotels off the side of the road in the middle of corn fields.

Out the front of our hotel was a Dollar General store where we brought 65c powerade and $5 blu rays, so cheap!

Our hotel was the Hampton Inn and it was a very spacious and comfortable room. They also had a laundry room for us to use which becomes very important when you are onto your third week on the road.

After a great nights sleep we had breakfast in the hotel and then headed on our way to drive through the Ohio countryside to our next destination.

Have you visited Ohio?

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