Louisville – Part 3

On our last full day in Louisville we started by grabbing a coffee from Starbucks and walking around ‘4th Street Live!’ This is one of the main streets in Louisville designated for food and entertainment, so it was pretty quiet during the day but still interesting to see the set up. I imagine that it is supposed to be something like Fremont Street in Las Vegas.

After looking at the horse statues on display (which included an Aussie one!) we headed to the nearest CVS to stock up on snacks. Some of my favourites on this trip were Nature Valley Crunchy granola bars, Montauk cookies, Junior Mints and Woopers.

We also stopped in at the visitor’s centre which we probably should have done at the start of our trip, but the ladies were really helpful anyway and gave us some suggestions on which distillery to check out since we wouldn’t have time for them all.

The Evan Williams Bourbon Experience was apparently top of the list, so we headed there. It was an hour long tour through a distillery and we learned a lot about the local history of Louisville and how much the city was impacted by prohibition. We got to taste four bourbons at the end which was an experience for the taste buds. We followed up our Bourbon tour with lunch at a German Pub back on 4th Street Live!

We had planned to meet up with some friends but unfortunately at the last minute they were unable to make it into town. We decided to chill out in the hotel bar anyway which was nice and relaxing. The bar was made of a fish tank which I had never seen before!

Once we were done at the bar, we headed over to the Troll Bar under the bridge for dinner, and walked home along the waterfront. It was still 32 degrees after 7 pm so we sat by the pool until it closed and watched a little squirrel scurry around the deck chairs.

As the sun was setting we went back to our room to pack our bags ready to head off in the morning. There was a concert happening in the park next to the hotel so we got a free DJ show to finish off the night.

Have you been to a distillery tour?

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