Louisville – Part 2

We started our first full day in Louisville by going to the Louisville Slugger Factory & Museum. It was awesome to go into the back factory and see how baseball bats are made. We also got to hold some bats that were used by famous baseball players and have a go in the batting cages.

After our tour we went for lunch at the Bluegrass Brewing Company. I ordered a turkey club sandwich which was delicious and my husband went for the chicken and waffles.

Once we had finished our lunch we walked off our meal by trying to find some street art nearby. Louisville has quite a lot of street art tucked away if you know where to look.

We also stopped by a gauge for flood levels, which seemed really high but we were told that recently the Ohio River had flooded to a level higher than the top of the gauge!

We spent some time at Against the Grain Brewing Company trying to escape the late afternoon heat. It is right outside the Lousiville Slugger Field, where we went afterwards to enjoy an All Stars friendly match.

Our seats were next to the nicest lady who chatted to us about the stadium as she works there. We found it funny hearing everyone pronounce the city as ‘Lur-vurl’ not ‘Looey-ville’ as we had been saying, and from then on we knew to say it properly!

Have you seen a baseball game in Louisville?

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  1. It is great that you got to see so much of Louisville! Wow the museum is full of bats!! The food looks delicious at the brewery. Oh wow, it is so interesting to learn about the flood levels!! That is HIGH! Glad you enjoyed your time out in Louisville! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ✨

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