Coral Bay, Western Australia

The third stop on our Coral Coast road trip was Coral Bay. This is one of the smallest towns I have ever stayed in, and everyone is basically in town for one reason – the bay!

The main road into town is lined with a number of caravan and chalet accommodation, including the RAC Ningaloo Reef Resort at the very end which is where we stayed. There is a small shopping center with a convenience store, a bakery, newsagent, gift shop and visitors center. Other food options are located within each holiday park. There is one petrol station on the outskirts of town and that is about it.

To be honest, as someone that isn’t the hugest fan of the beach or snorkeling, I did get bored of Coral Bay quite quickly. If you are the same as me then I think even a one night stop-over to enjoy the sights and spend an hour or two in the water would be enough. Once you’ve looked around town there really isn’t anything else to do. However, if you love snorkeling and especially if you have kids who like to run around on the beach and play in the pool all day then this would definitely be a great relaxing town to spend a week with the family. I did enjoy how safe and laid back the town felt.

I was amazed at how clear the water was, and you could very easily see fish in the ankle-depth water. No need to swim out too far from shore. There are also a lot of tours that leave from the main beach (Bills Bay) if you are looking for a different way to view the coral and wildlife.

The sunsets over Paradise Beach are also stunning, and are almost worth the stay in town alone. I highly recommend the climb up the sand dune for the best view.

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  1. Thanks Mel, that’s kind of made my mind up whether to go or not. I live on the west coast anyway and we have stunning beaches here. I have always wondered what the fuss is about . I think you have to have a caravan or camper to enjoy up north.

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