Where to eat and drink in Exmouth

Exmouth is a small town around 1,200 km north of Perth on the North West Cape, and was the final stop on our Coral Coast road trip before turning around and heading back south. This distance equates to a 13 hour drive (one way) so really requires a multi-day road trip to get there and back, or you can fly direct into the Learmonth airport on a 2 hour flight.

The town was originally developed to provide homes and facilities for US Navy officers and their families based in the area but now predominately relies on tourism. The town certainly knows how to cater for a variety of taste buds and during our short stay we ate a lot of delicious food.

Whalebone Brewing Company
27 Patterson Way

This outdoor brewery offers a great area to relax in the evening and sample some of their brews. The only food on offer is pizza, which means they do it really well. We tried the wishbone pizza which was amazing.

Mantaray’s Restaurant
Madaffari Drive

Located within the Mantarays Ningaloo Reef Resort, this restaurant offers stunning views of a pond, the hotel pool and the beach beyond.

The Social Society
2/5 Thew St

This cafe caters for a variety of dietary requirements and those looking for a healthier option. Where possible they source local and organic produce from the region. They also stock ethical and low waste fashion, jewellery and home wares.

The Short Order Local
Town Beach

After a morning stroll along the beach you can get your coffee from the cutest coffee van. The opening hours can vary so make sure to check out their Facebook page for the latest times.

Frothcraft Brewery
5 Kennedy St

A place so good we went there twice! It provides more of a traditional indoor pub setting where you can get a great selection of beers. Their food options are absolutely delicious, pictured below is the ‘Makan Bagus’ salad, ‘Moussak It Up Mate’ moussaka and ‘Mac Daddy Meets the Colonel’ chicken and waffles.

Cadillacs Bar and Grill
Murat Rd

Paying homage to the American history of the town, this bar is lifted straight from the streets of Nashville. The entire place is decked out with country music memorabilia, and country music tunes playing all day long. The food was very good, and the staff were lovely.

Cocoa Blue
1 Pellew St

Another place we went to multiple times on our short trip was this delightful coffee shop. They make their own chocolates and if you order a coffee it comes with a chocolate pretzel which is so delicious. They have a small menu with hot jaffles which we didn’t end up trying, but is on my list for next time. The cafe also offers a shady patio to relax during a hot summers day and a playground for the kids.

Ningaloo Bakehouse & Cafe
Ross st

You can’t talk about a town in Western Australia without taking about it’s bakery! The Ningaloo Bakehouse is pretty epic with a huge variety of cakes and treats (the triple choc muffin pictured here), and some of the best pies and baked goods. They also have a fridge full of healthier options like salad rolls which makes for a quick and easy lunch when you want to get back to exploring the town.

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