Pelican Feeding in Kalbarri

Every morning at 8:45am the Pelicans of the Kalbarri shoreline come wandering over for a bite to eat. Volunteers bring them a bucket of fish and explain the pelican way of life to anyone gathered to watch. I was surprised at just how many people were gathered on the morning we went, considering Kalbarri is a fairly small town, but it does make a lovely start to the day either after grabbing a coffee from one of the local cafes or before starting your morning on the beach.

The volunteers make sure that any children who would like to feed a fish directly to the pelicans get a chance, which I thought was nice. The dolphin feeding we had done earlier in our trip was a lot more controlled and only a couple of people were able to feed them, while the pelican feeding seems more relaxed so might make a good option for anyone who missed out on the dolphins.

The feeding point is well signed and there are seats under a gazebo for the first in. Pelly’s Cafe is directly across from the park as well. It is walk-able from most accommodation in town but there are also 10 parking bays right by the side of the road. While the feeding session is free, gold coin donations are appreciated.

Since my visit to Kalbarri the region was devastated by Cyclone Seroja and is in the process of recovering and rebuilding. During this time please ensure your accommodation arrangements are confirmed prior to visiting the townsite and contact the Kalbarri Visitor Centre for the latest updates.

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