Savannah, Georgia

After settling in the day before, we got geared up to enjoy our one full day exploring Savannah. Thankfully the weather was slightly less muggy compared to the day before. We started with breakfast at our hotel where they had free nutella for my bagel, winning! Once our tummies were full we jumped on the Old Savannah Trolley Tour and followed it around town for the full 90 min loop. This was one of the most interesting and interactive ‘hop-on hop-off’ style buses that I have ever been on and highly recommend it! Some stops even have character actors like Forrest Gump jump on board and give a little spiel which really helps immerse you into the history and culture of the area, not that the historic buildings aren’t stunning enough to speak for themselves.

After completing the full loop, our first stop was stop 4 – Forsyth Park which is the main (and largest) park in the city. We strolled around under the gorgeous oak trees and admired the historic water fountain in the center. We then jumped back on the tour and went to Stop 7 – Pirate House. It’s not named that by accident, it actually used to be a real pirates house where they smuggled alcohol into the country! We had a tasty lunch and enjoyed the themed decor.

While waiting for the tour bus to return we chatted to a lovely couple from Texas who were in town for a long weekend. They got off at Stop 8 – Owens-Thomas House, while we carried on to Stop 11 – River Street Marketplace. This area was very popular with lots of people enjoying the sunshine and a drink in one of the many bars. I even saw two different people walking their cats on leashes, how cute! We stopped in at a few different gift shops along the walk, and I got myself a road trip puzzle to commemorate our adventure.

After wandering back to the historic district we stopped at the Savannah Taphouse for dinner, and then spent some time in Johnson Square enjoying the view and surrounding architecture like cute fishy downpipes. We decided to go to Leopold’s Ice-cream which is so famous there is a line out the door (it is worth it though). Then we sat in Reynold’s square outside our hotel eating our ice cream and listening to a busker play the violin while the sunset on beautiful Georgia.

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