Fort Worth Stockyards

After grabbing a quick breakfast taco again at Jo’s in Austin we packed up and headed on our way to Fort Worth, which would be our third stop in Texas. We stopped for lunch in Glen Rose and arrived at the Stockyards by early afternoon. Like we had experienced with most of Texas, the Stockyards were very unique and you can tell that the town and it’s inhabitants have very strong personalities.

The main stretch of town is not too long, and we stayed right in the middle at the Hyatt Place Fort Worth Historic Stockyards so it was easy to walk up and down in an afternoon. We visited the stockyards museum, cattle stalls, cattle pen maze, Stockyard station mall, Texas trail of fame and east exchange steps.

Every day there is a cattle drive at 11:30am and 4pm, so luckily we had made it in time for the afternoon show. The announcer walked around asking where people were from, and when we said Australia a lady next to us got very excited and brought her friends over to introduce them to us. This is something I love about the US, there are so many genuinely kind and friendly people to meet.

The cattle drive was fun to watch, and it was easy to find a place to sit or stand. The cattle are a little intimidating with their big horns so I didn’t want to stand too close! Once the drive ended we played a game of corn-hole, then had dinner at the Love Shack sitting on the balcony overlooking main street and got some drinks at the White Elephant Saloon.

It really did feel like we were stepping back into the wild west. We had to be on our way early the next morning but I felt like we had managed to see most of the sites in the afternoon we had, so I think a one night stop over is the perfect length of time.

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