Fort Worth, Texas to Bricktown, OKC

After our fun afternoon and evening at the Fort Worth Stockyards, we had a breakfast in the very fancy hotel lobby before packing up and heading out on the 3 hour drive to Bricktown, Oklahoma City. The drive was not the most exciting as we head out into the mid-west but we did follow along some wind turbine arms which was something unusual.

Our halfway stop on the trip was at the Greater South West Historical Museum, which is just past the Oklahoma state line in Ardmore. This museum has a 4.8 star rating on Google and is completely free so definitely worth the stop to see this unique collection of treasures and to get an insight into some of Oklahoma’s history.

There are a lot of huge shopping complexes along the freeway so we broke up the drive some more by stopping in to see some of these stores we don’t get back home in Australia. We checked out a sporting goods store and a pet store (where we saw ferrets!) and also a Hobby Lobby which is like a super mega huge Spotlight store I was very impressed. Even better than that they had 40% off stickers and craft supplies which was like heaven for me as I love my arts and crafts supplies!

After we checked into our hotel in Bricktown we went exploring the specially constructed sports/entertainment precinct. We walked around the canal to the Centennial Land Run Statue which I loved because it seems to really capture the speed and energy of the horses even though they are completely still. I felt like Bricktown has a similar vibe to a mini-Vegas where there is lots to see and do in a small area.

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