First Stop: London – Part 2

After spending most of the day in Brighton we got back to London in the late evening, with just enough time to go on the London Eye.

I have a fear of heights so it was a bit scary being in a wobbly pod up in the air but the views were amazing. Even though it is quite a “touristy” thing to do I would highly recommend it, especially in the evening as the sun is setting as it is an experience you can’t really get anywhere else in the city.

On the walk back to our hotel there was a festival happening along the river so there were interesting displays and artwork and heaps of people having a good time.

The following day we started at the Tate Modern as it is around the corner from where we were staying. Modern art isn’t really my cup of tea but it is an interesting museum to spend some time in regardless.

We then walked over the Millennium Bridge (also known as the “wobbly bridge”) to St Paul’s Cathedral where we looked at the amazing architecture. Then we went to the Museum of London which is a great free museum with lots of interesting exhibits. Afterwards we went to the Twinnings tea store and the TinTin Shop.

In the evening we had Indian food which was the most delicious meal of the trip so far and then saw the Lion King Musical. We had got last minute tickets so were right up the back, but it was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I loved that some of the animals come in through the aisles.

The next day was our last day in London and we had been really lucky with the weather so far but on this day it started to drizzle. We headed out to the Natural History Museum but the line was so long we decided not to wait and instead got hot chocolates and then went down the road to Harrods.

While Harrods is a shopping centre it almost feels like going into a museum, the building is amazing and the five or so floors of extravagant escalators are a sight to see. We walked through some of the insanely expensive floors gasping at the price tags, before going to the ground floor to see the dining hall. I couldn’t believe how fancy it all felt.

Afterwards we went to Piccadilly Circus which felt like the entertainment centre of the town. We then went back to the Tower of London to do a proper tour during the day. We did the audio tour and saw some of the crown jewels. I really enjoyed seeing the tower again after having been there a few days before.

And with that we finished up our last day in London. The next morning we had time to eat breakfast and then headed straight to St Pacras Station to catch the Eurostar to Bruges.

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