Driving from Wichita to Denver (stopping in Burlington)

For our final morning in Wichita we got breakfast again at Egg Cetera as it was so yummy the day before, and then packed our bags to leave Old Town. The drive straight to Denver would be around 8 hours so we decided to take our time and stop overnight in Burlington, Colorado. The drive was mainly straight long roads through the Kansas prairies, with a stop for lunch in Hays as well as a stop in Goodland to see the huge sunflower painting. We also saw another wind turbine blade being trucked to it’s destination. There were SO many bugs squishing onto our windscreen which is something we hadn’t come across yet on our trip, our poor hire car was filthy!

Burlington was a very tiny regional town with not a lot to see or do but we had some comfy accommodation for the night and an amazing restaurant The Dish Room next door where we had dinner. We thought it was one of the best meals we ate the entire trip, and it felt like it belonged somewhere fancy like New York rather than sitting over the road from a tractor factory! It has definitely earned it’s 4.7 rating on Google.

The next day we had the complementary breakfast at the hotel, sharing the dining room with a cowboy father and son and an Amish couple who were in town, which is something you don’t do every day. It was also pretty cold that morning getting down to only 15 degrees C which was the coldest night of the trip. We then were headed on our way to Colorado Springs as we had some extra time in the day before we needed to be in Denver. We got lunch at the Skirted Heifer because we had seen it featured a few nights before on Guy Fieri’s show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives so why not stop by while we are in town! It was really good and then we had a quick stroll around the main street. We had unfortunately timed our stop to coincide with the local high school lunch break so the town was quickly was swarming with teenagers so we decided to be on our way.

We then stopped at a Target to buy a new power adapter because I realised I had accidentally left mine in Wichita. Then we took the back streets to Denver. It looked really pretty, almost what I imagine the Scandinavian countryside might look like. In Denver we stayed in a self-contained apartment, so once we got buzzed to our room we walked to the shops and got bagels, peanut butter and orange juice to make ourselves breakfast the next few days. After travelling for so long we were really excited by the idea of being able to make ourselves some meals and snacks in the kitchenette.

We had dinner at the Wynkoop Brewing Co. where I had a super delicious pulled pork burger, and then we went up to our apartment rooftop to see if there was any view but it was just more buildings. As you may know, Denver is quite a high altitude city (5,280 feet or 1,609 meters) above sea level and I definitely noticed a difference while walking around as you do get puffed quicker than usual. I also felt like the air was dryer than usual similar to being in a plane or being in an air-conditioned office building all day. Having our own lounge room in the apartment with Netflix was too tempting so we had an early night and watched Dark Tourist.

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