The Neon Museum Las Vegas

One of the coolest attractions I have ever been to is the Neon Museum in Vegas. It is located just north of the strip but is well worth the short drive out.

The Museum is actually a non-profit organisation dedicated to the collection and preservation of historic Vegas signage. The front of the museum is housed in the old La Concha motel lobby and then you can go on a tour of the outside area known as the ‘Neon Boneyard’.

Some of the signs have been restored but it costs a lot of money to do this so most of them are just laying here in the state they are in, including chipped paint and smashed light globes.

The tour is an hour long and the guide we had was very funny and knowledgable which made for a really great experience. As you can imagine the stories behind some of these signs are as colourful as they are.

There are day and night tours on most days. As it is all outdoors in Nevada I would recommend going later in the day in the cooler weather. There is a clear path between all of the signs and it is a very well run museum however you do need to take a bit of extra care as the signs are old and rusty and there is broken glass and sharp bits around.

For more information visit www.neonmuseum.org

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