Louisville – Part 1

Following our misadventures in Columbus Indiana, we thankfully still managed to get to Louisville as planned that evening. Crossing over the Second Street Bridge was interesting as half of it was covered up for repainting, it felt like we were driving through the middle of a construction zone.

We scored ourselves a great room on the 18th floor of the Galt House Hotel, overlooking the Ohio River. In addition to the amazing river views, our room was very spacious and there was an outdoor pool, atrium bar and shops all inside the hotel.

After we had checked in and dropped off our bags we went for a walk along the river front. There were some beautiful steamboats on the water so we decided to buy tickets for a cruise that was leaving at sunset.

That gave us just enough time to find some dinner so we stumbled across a Joe’s Crab Shack. Not the most fanciest of foods, but after such a rough day we were just happy to eat. I skipped the seafood and went for chicken tenders with sweet potato fries and broccoli.

Once we finished dinner we walked back to board the Mary M Miller. This steamboat was built in 1985 and was named after the first woman to get a steamboat captain’s licence in 1884, which is pretty impressive. While you can opt to have a buffet dinner with your cruise ticket, we just went with the sightseeing only choice. There is a concession stand so even if you aren’t having dinner you can buy a drink or snacks.

Overall the cruise takes you about an hour down the river, and then turns around for an hour back. The sunset in the background makes a beautiful backdrop and there are many houses and landmarks to see on the shore. We really enjoyed this nice relaxing end to fairly hectic day.

Have you ever been on a steam boat?

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