A full day in Albany, Western Australia

Our long weekend in Albany gave us one full day to explore the town. Our day started bright an early at 6 am before the sun was even up, and we walked down to Three Anchors for breakfast. We were one of the first people there so we had the entire dining room to ourselves to enjoy our scrambled eggs and watched the sunrise out the widow.

We walked along the beach back to our accommodation and finished watching the sun rise. There were plenty of swimmers and rowers out on the water even though it was a cold winters morning, and we caught a glimpse of a rainbow.

Next on the agenda was the National ANZAC Centre on Mount Clarence. The museum I found was physically small, but jam packed with information, displays and interactive sections. Albany was the last sight of land that many ANZAC soldiers saw before they headed off to the battlefields, including Gallipoli.

We took nearly the recommended 2 hours to read through everything. I can only imagine what it would have been like to see all of the ships in the King George Sound before they headed off to war. The weather cleared up for a moment when we were done so we went up the Convoy walk and lookout which gives a stunning view of the Sound and helps to paint a picture of just how many people and ships were involved.

Once we were finished at Mount Clarence we headed into town and stopped at the Visitor Centre to see what brochures they had and walked down York Street and back. There are plenty of historic buildings spotted in between cafes and shops making it easy to see how much history there is in this town. One thing that surprised me was so much street art! Almost every alleyway and building side had some art, plenty of it from international artists too.

For lunch we took a look at the Vancouver Street Cafe which was advertised on one of the brochures from the Visitor Centre. I ordered a pumpkin salad which was so good, even a local magpie wanted a bite!

After lunch we felt like a sweet treat so headed to Royal Patisserie (which was highly rated on Google) and got a jam donut. It was one of the best donuts I’ve had so the Google rating is definitely correct!

By now the rain had really eased up so it was time to see the wind farm, the gap and natural bridge. It was so windy, at points I had to hold onto the railings but it made for spectacular views of the ocean. For more details of these natural attractions visit my dedicated post.

After we were thoroughly frozen and windblown we headed back for some card games by the heater. There was also another rainbow waiting for out on the balcony!

Dinner was take away curry which we got from Curry House Taste of India. This place is actually hidden away inside a Country Comfort motel (Wellington St, Centennial Ave), and wasn’t that easy to find but it was worth the effort as the food was so delicious. I think it was one of the best Indian meals I have had in years (even if the photo makes it look a bit like toxic sludge!)

Overall we enjoyed our wet and windy day in Albany with a mixture of history, street art, technological marvels and stunning nature.

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