Arriving in Wichita, Kansas

After accidentally spending most of our day at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, we made it into Wichita in the late afternoon. A few people had questioned why we were bothering to stop in the mid-west on our road trip as they considered it boring, and while it’s not New York City I still found it had a lot of charm. We also had no choice really but to drive through this part of the country to get to the other side, so may as well make the most of it! One of the best things overall about the road trip was getting a taster for each part of US and seeing how the cities changed even just across one border.

Speaking of tasters, I thought Kansas had some of the best food on the trip! Wichita definitely knows how to do a brewery, and I would consider it up there with Denver and Louisville in terms of easy relaxing bars to eat at. On our first night we went to River City Brewing Company and had a flight of beers including a delicious honey rye, and we shared a pizza before going to Public where I tried a pineapple cider and got a hummus and veggie platter.

By this point of our road trip the weather was a lot less humid which was nicer to deal with, although still quite warm in the afternoons getting up to 35 degrees C. We stayed at the Hotel at Old Town which is the re-purposed Keen Kutter building, which made for some interesting architecture and displays inside and out of the hotel.

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