A Sunny Sunday in Wichita, Kansas

We only had one full day to spend in Wichita so we had plans to make the most of it. For breakfast we went to Egg Cetera who made a delicious breakfast plate with diner style breakfast potatoes that were amazing. We then walked around Old Town for a little bit to find a nice coffee shop but realised that almost everything in town was shut on a Sunday. We ended up driving 10 minutes away to the nearest Starbucks drive through for out caffeine fix.

I then decided to check the museums we had planned to visit that day and realised they didn’t open til the afternoon either so we wasted some time driving around Wichita suburbs just seeing how life is like in another country. One thing that really stands out for me in American residential streets is how there is barely any fencing and everyone’s yards seem to sprawl into each others. In Australia we have smaller lots and you are pretty much always fenced off from your surrounding neighbours.

We then drove over to the Keeper of the Plains statue which overlooks the Arkansas and Little Arkansas rivers, which I thought was very impressive. We then went to the Old Cowtown Museum which is a huge full size outdoor replica of an old Kansas town. There was a character actor running the newspaper store who let us have a go on the printing press. We also saw a bunny with a white fluffy tail run into the bushes. It reminded me of the old Pioneer Village that we used to have in Perth.

Following on from here we went to the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum which is housed in the old city hall. We had to park in a bay that had an old school parking meter, which I don’t think I’ve ever actually had to use before in any part of the world! We were the only people in the whole museum and took our time strolling around leisurely reading all the detail in the displays.

For dinner we went to the Anchor and I had a grilled chicken burger with sweet potato fries that was so good! and afterwards we went back to Public to try a flight of sours we had seen the night before. Even though so much seemed to be shut on Sundays we still found a heap of things to do and got a really good overview of the history of the Kansas area.

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  1. It almost looks abandoned! No people. There seems to be lots to do there, we haven’t been to Kansas at all yet. Sour beer! My husband and I aren’t fans of that but some of our kids are. It looks like you had a great time and I don’t blame you for driving a few kilometres for coffee lol


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