Brighton & Hove

Brighton & Hove

After our full day in London we took the train down to Brighton. The train ride is about 2 hours which seems like a long time but it went by really fast as there was so much to see out the window, and it was all new to us.

When we arrived at Brighton Station we walked through the town to see where the Choccywoccydoodah shop is, as I had been binge watching the tv series earlier in the year. I think this store has recently shut down which is a shame, their creations were amazing!

We also walked past Dukes Lane and some other little lane ways which had some interesting buildings.

We then walked down to Brighton Pier. Arriving down at the beach was a sight for me, it was all pebbles! I am used to Australian beaches with long stretches of white sand but this beach is just rocks. It didn’t look very comfortable to be laying on but I suppose the people of Brighton are used to it.

The Pier itself is a lovely walk, and there are heaps of arcade games and things to keep you entertained.

After walking along the pier we walked back to where the shops were and got some lunch at Pret A Manger. This was actually the first time I had ever tried coconut water.

Once we ate our lunch we looked through a few more little shops and then got on the hop-on hop-off bus. We did a full loop around, listening to the commentary and learning all about the area.

It was then time to head to the train station and go back to London where we still had two more days of exploring to do.

While it was a really short trip out to Brighton I still enjoyed my time out in the sunshine for the day, and I am glad I got to see another part of England outside of London.

If you have some more time in Brighton there are plenty of things that you could do including:

What are your favourite day trips from London?

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  1. Two hour train journey from London to Brighton? You were unlucky – the trip is usually more like a single hour, and can be done in 53 minutes if you choose the right train!

    But going by train to Brighton makes sense – it’s not the easiest place to visit by car, although it can be done:

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