Iconic places to eat in the USA

If you are looking for Michelin star restaurant recommendations this blog post is not for you! Part of the fun of being in another country is experiencing chain stores and fast food places that you don’t get back home. This list contains some of those places I have enjoyed eating at in the US.

The Cheesecake Factory

This has to be the top of the list because the Chicken Bellagio is one of my favourite meals, even if it is so big I’ve never actually been able to finish one.

I also find it such a novelty to see the huge fridge full of cheesecakes imagine what all the different flavours are like.

California Pizza Kitchen

A classic chain that did open up briefly in Australia but sadly didn’t last. As well as delicious pizza they also serve tasty tasty sangria.


You just have to, don’t you? I will say their tater tots are yum.

Johnny Rockets

I love how happy everyone always is at Johnny Rockets. The burgers are pretty filling as well, and who can pass up ketchup served in a smiley face.


A cinnamon bun and coffee is the best way to start the morning, and while it is a chain cafe at least that means there is almost one on every corner and you know what is on the menu.

Shake Shack

This is hands down the best burger place, and they do crinkle cut chips.. what more do you want!?

In-n-Out Burger

I actually didn’t love my In-n-Out, maybe because I had already grown fond of Shake Shack by that point, however the iconic Double Double is worth a try.


Fun because it is owned by the Whalberg brothers! The food is also very tasty and they do a delicious lemonade.

Buffalo Wild Wings

This is your typical American sports bar with typical sports food. The booths are always very comfy


Everyone loves pancakes! They also do breakfast specials, and a tasty tuscan scramble with potato hash.

Outback Steakhouse

Pretty much for the lols if you are an Australian. Barely any of the food is actually what we eat in Australia, and they like to advertise a blooming onion that I have never seen before in my life! And worst of all, the Aussie beer they serve is Fosters… however it is fun going in there with an Aussie accent.

Olive Garden

Another one of those places you have to go just to say you have been there. They also do a really good sangria too. We visited the Olive Garden at Times Square so pretty much the most touristy place you can think of!


Being completely honest, I did stop here because it was mentioned on the Kardashians and thought it would be a novelty.. but it is actually really good! The honey mustard sauce is amazing I’m not regretting not smuggling 100 packets back to Australia.

I am sure there are plenty more hot spots I am missing but this should give you some inspiration for your US food bucket list! If you have been to any of them which was your favourite?

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  1. Haha I love Cheesecake Factory! And iHOP! It’s kinda sad seeing as I like supporting local businesses, but it feels like when you’re in America you have to try the “big” places that you can’t visit back home. I haven’t actually had Shake Shack in America, but I’ve been to the one in London! In N Out is great though.

    (Also EVERY Aussie themed place in the world serves Fosters hahaha)

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